Whisper Station
Whisper Shadow
Location Columbia
Date September 28, 2010 / 07:45 Hours
Objective 1. Rescue Both Hostages

2. Plant Demo Charge in Ammo Dump
3. Reach Extraction Zone

Game Ghost Recon Jungle Storm
Previous Operation: Silver Spider
Next Operation: Eagle Clarion

Operation Whisper Shadow is a mission conducted by Ghost Recon in 2010. It is the seventh operation during the Colombia conflict against the MFLC.

Briefing Edit

I have good news and bad news to report. The good news is that the MFLC's falling back pretty much anywhere we push them. The bad news is that we know they still have prisoners, and there's a real worry at HQ that they'll kill the captives rather than let them be liberated. We're going to take that choice out of their hands.

Abreu's given us the location of the prison where most of the captives are being held, and you get to go in and get them out. We're going to drop you in a chopper right in their laps, and when that bird hits ground, you'll be under fire. Secure your insertion zone as quickly as you can. We'll have troops following up behind you, and we'll need a place for them to come in. But don't wait for backup. Once the attack starts, those prisoners aren't safe, so you'll need to find them as quickly as possible. Along the way, find the prison's armory and destroy its contents.

Remember, this is a surgical strike. Let the men coming in behind you worry about the heavy lifting. Just take out that armory, find the prisoners, and get out. Someone else will do the cleanup.

Gallery Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Ghost Recon Jungle Storm Operation Whisper Shadow success00:10

Ghost Recon Jungle Storm Operation Whisper Shadow success

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