Watchful Yeoman
Watchful Yeoman
Location Punta Tabacal, Cuba
Date March 20, 2010 / 06:30 Hours
Objective 1. Seize Plantation Grounds
2. Secure First Package
3. Secure Second Package
X. No Team Casualties
Game Ghost Recon: Island Thunder
Previous Operation: Torn Banner
Next Operation: Angel Rage

Watchful Yeoman is the first mission conducted by The Ghosts during the Cuban Conflict.


As you know, gentlemen, we are here to help safeguard the first democratic elections Cuba's seen since before Batista took control. Since Castro's death in 2006, the Cuban people have had a succession of increasingly incompetent thugs in charge, and thankfully, that's going to change. The elections are going to occur in early May, and our job is to make sure that they go off without a hitch. What that means is that we've been volunteered to make sure that the elements that want to bring back the bad old days don't get a chance to win the elections at gunpoint.

Your first assignment is a basic contraband seizure. One of our patrol helicopters spotted a light cargo dropping a few suspicious-looking crates over an abandoned tobacco plantation. The chopper crew was able to drive off the men who were moving the crates once they landed, but they need ground support to do the job properly. Seeing as the troops were trying to haul those crates off look a lot like the guerrillas who've been reported bullying voters in a few of the western cities, we're not taking any chances.

Your orders are simple. You'll be inserted by helicopter on the plantation grounds. Once your en route, the patrol chopper will peel off and leave the ground troops to you. Take control of the old plantation buildings first, as that's what the guerrillas are using for cover. Then, secure those packages by clearing the troops around them. They'll probably make an effort to retrieve them once the helicopter leaves, so things will be happening in a hurry.



Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon- Island Thunder - Watchful Yeoman13:00

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon- Island Thunder - Watchful Yeoman

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Island Thunder mission Watchful Yeoman success00:16

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Island Thunder mission Watchful Yeoman success

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