Vapor Knife
Location Columbia
Date August 13, 2010 / 08:15 Hours
Objective 1. Seize Guard Post

2. Plant Demo Charge on Railroad Switch
3. Reach Extraction Zone
4. Seize Rebel Camp

Game Ghost Recon Jungle Storm
Previous Operation: Totem Ground
Next Operation: Ocelot Desert

Operation Vapor Knife is a mission conducted by Ghost Recon in 2010. It is the second operation during the Colombia conflict against the MFLC.

Briefing Edit

Nice work in Alto Magadalena, people. Now we need you to take on another tough job. The rebels have gotten their hands on a rail Line leading down to the Cieraga Grande. The MFLC's mounting a major offensive in that region, and this is their major supply condult. They've running fuel, guns and ammunition along that rail line, and that means we're going to have to take it out. The Colombian government isn't happy about this - they'd prefer to have an infrastructure left when all of the shooting is over - but if we don't shut off the flow of guns to the rebels there, the government may not have a country left to worry about.

You're going to be inserted in the lowlands, near a rebel base that sits right on the tracks. The terrain is swampy, with heavy plant cover and lots of opportunities for the rebels to set ambushes. The first order of business is taking out the guard post the rebels have set up on a road nearby. If you don't, the alarm will get raised and all hell will break loose. Once you've taken care of the sentries, plant charges and demolish those tracks. There's no way the MFLC will be able to repair the damage any time soon. Once you've done that, you can head for the extraction zone, but my understanding is that HQ wouldn't be too upset if you managed to take out the rebel camp itself. Happy hunting, gentlemen. I'll see you when you get back.

Gallery Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Let's Play Ghost Recon Jungle Storm w Chow860 2 - Vapor Knife13:46

Let's Play Ghost Recon Jungle Storm w Chow860 2 - Vapor Knife

Ghost Recon Jungle Storm Vapor Knife mission success00:14

Ghost Recon Jungle Storm Vapor Knife mission success

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