Valiant Hammer
Valiant Hammer
Location Asia, Russia, Selo Dasuz,
Date July 13, 2024 / 16:31 Hours
Objective Ambush Raven's Rock forces to ease pressure on Resistance General Alexei Douka
Game Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
Previous Operation: Deep Fire
Next Operation: Gallant Thief

Valiant Hammer is the ninth mission conducted by the Ghost Team.


Scott Mitchell: The Russian resistance is putting up a hell of a fight, and the resources you sent will go a long way. Unfortunately, the movement is still scattered and disorganized. DIA's identified a leader who could bring them together: General Alexei Douka. He's a career soldier, an impressive tactician, and a badass, and he might be the hero the Loyalists need. Raven's Rock forces must know it, because they've pinned him in. We don't know the exact situation on the ground, but we know he needs a hand. Get in there and take the pressure off. If he can take it from there, I'd say he's the man for the job.

Lt. Kirk Graham: Our lines of communication with the Loyalists don't extend to General Alexei Douka, but he's their best bet. Raven's Rock knows that too, which is why they're mobilizing to crush him. Douka's won impossible fights before, which makes him a good candidate for myth-making. But his fire says he's also touchy as hell, especially about accepting help.

Gear Edit

SMSgt. Marcus Kelso: If you need visual cover for a maneuver, a smoke grenade'll do the trick. NVG can still see through it, but eyeballs won't.

You're going up against Russian regulars out there. Stick to the basics with an M110 sniper rifle and DARPA auto-guided rounds. Engage at range when you can. You get in close without thinning them out first, they'll chew you up.

Walkthrough Edit







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