The VSK-50 is a sniper rifle based on the VSK-94.


Role in Ghost ReconEdit

The in-game VSK-94 is a 5 round sniper rifle that is similar to most silenced semi-auto sniper rifles in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2. The in-game is almost visually similar to the real word counterpart. The actual weapon performance is much different as it has a 5 round clip and is accurate to infinite meters as opposed to 400 m. There are no real advantages to this weapon other than a silencer and distinction among online players.


The VSK-94 is a 9 mm silenced sniper rifle developed by the Russia KBP Instrument Design Bureau as a low-cost alternative to the VSS rifle. The rifle is based on the 9A-91 assault rifle. The VSK-94 was designed to accurately engage unarmored point targets at ranges up to 400 m.

The VSK-94 retains the gas-driven operating principle of the 9A-91 with a rotating bolt. The rifle features a stamped steel receiver, skeletonized polymer stock integrated with the pistol grip and a synthetic forearm. The rifle uses 9x39mm ammunition that consists of PAB-9 armor-piercing cartridge and the standard jacketed SP-5 and SP-6 rifle cartridges feeding from a 20-round detachable box magazine.


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