A Ghost operative infiltrated the Santa Blanca Drug Cartel in order to uncover its smuggling operations.


A soldier was part of Ghost Recon around the time of Operation Kingslayer. He infiltrated the Santa Blanca Drug Cartel in order to uncover the head of its world-class smuggling operations.

The Ghost poses as what the cartels believe is a rogue agent from the U.S. looking for work as a mercenary, armed with an AK-47 'Undercover', an MSR and a P45T. The operative is tasked with infiltrating one of the cartel's gangs, and after successful infiltration his first "orders" are to take a monster truck outfitted with nitro and destroy multiple enemy cartel sports cars.


  • This is the player's character in the Narco Road expansion for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands.
  • Players can create a whole new avatar aside from Nomad for the expansion.
  • The developers have called it a parallel story to the main game.
  • Unlike the main game, where the player can have up to 6 different customizable outfits that they can choose from in the "Special Outfits" section of the appearance editor, the player only gets 4 in the Narco Road expansion.
  • The player will start out automatically at level 20, with many skills fully upgraded.