Unidentified Ghost
Unidentified Ghost 1
Biographical information
Nationality Flag of the United States American
Affiliations US Army logo United States Army

Ghosts Logo Ghost Recon

Occupation Soldier
Class Recon
Appearances Ghost Recon Commander

A Ghost participated in the rebellion against Nicaraguan dictator Raphael Rivera.


A soldier was part of Ghost Recon in the time around the Raven's Rock coup. The Ghost and his squad was deployed to Nicaragua to aid and abet the rebellion against President Raphael Rivera.

The Ghosts set up their Base Camp and then deployed into combat. Their operations included rescuing rescuing an ambassador, destroying a weapons depot, rescuing Alejandra Lopez, and stopping two rival drug gangs.

As the Ghosts moved on toward the endgame, he also joined in operations to capture Rivera's son, capturing Anka Jovanovic and Rivera's WMD, the Modulated Neutron Initiator, and finally killing Rivera himself in his mansion.

After Rivera's death, he defended the rebels' camp and rescued citizens in Liberty Plaza.



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