"Bring your justice to the Wildlands."
— In-Game Description

The Unidad RPK-74 is a Unique, mag-fed Light Machine Gun in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands that is awarded to all players who own the Season Pass. It was release as part of the Title Update 2, released on March 22 2017 on PC, March 23 for XBOX One and PS4. It comes pre-customized with a 175-round drum magazine and a Russian Red Dot Sight. It cannot be suppressed or have a change in fire mode from it's original full-auto, either. It has a special, but basic, weapon skin that has shining red paint on the cheek rest, pistol grip, on the top part of the receiver and on the handguard, along with a UNIDAD patch on the cheek rest.



Side view of the Unidad RPK-74.

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