Location Russia
Game Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
Previous Map: Cargo
Next Map: Market

"Buried and forgotten beneath the Siberian wastelands, this underground bunker still endures. Cold War-era construction makes for monstrously large spaces, and endless tunnels ensure there's always an enemy lurking around the bend."

Underground is a medium-long multiplayer map set in an underground bunker. Most of the map is a big, long hallway, but there are many mechanical devices down the middle of the map which will provide cover from Snipers. Towards the middle of the map are two rooms on the two sides of the hall. These small rooms will most likely hold the objectives during game types. The rooms are closed in tight and have two levels. Keep an eye out for any enemies that may be on either floor or hiding around a corner.


Ghost Recon Future Soldier Underground Map Walkthrough02:36

Ghost Recon Future Soldier Underground Map Walkthrough

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