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USS Clarence E. Walsh
250px-USS Clarence E. Walsh 2007 1
Origin Flag of the United States United States
Type Highly Advanced Warship
Skipper Arthur Partridge
Launched June 23, 2007
Cost $80 billion

The USS Clarence E. Walsh was a highly-advanced intelligence gathering ship of the United States Navy. In 2007 it launched and started its first patrol in the Yellow Sea. On July 4 of that year, it was hit and destroyed by a North Korean Super Silkworm anti-ship missile at the Sea of Japan. The result was that the US, with South Korean allies and spearheaded by Ghost Recon, staged a military intervention to stop General Paik.


The game Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory reveals that its defenses were subverted by "Masse Kernels" and the missile was launched without North Korean knowledge.


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