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Triton Pack
TRT Pack
Release date 9 January, 2012
Weapons Assault
  • M27 D20 TRT
  • KPS-12 SD TRT


  • MP7 SD TRT


  • M96 SV TRT
  • KPS-12 SD TRT


  • P-45 TRT
Maps Balaklava Sub Pen
Camouflage TRT Camo
Appereance Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online

The TRITON PACK is a direct homage to the most elite special-forces soldiers in the world. Trained to carry out the most difficult missions with finesse, these soldiers require accurate weapons capable of taking enemies down silently. As a Ghost it is your turn to carry the mantle of these real-world warriors and drift effortlessly through the field of battle eliminating foes who didn't even know you were there.


Headgears Edit

Trailer Edit

Ghost Recon Online - Triton Pack Launch Trailer - PC01:39

Ghost Recon Online - Triton Pack Launch Trailer - PC

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