Toxic Assets
Mission Details
Game Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands
Province Libertad
Target Precursor chemicles
Mission Objectives - Locate precursor stocks
- Destroy precursor stocks

Toxic Assets is the third and optional mission in the Libertad province and requires the player to find major intel in order to unlock it.


Once learning about a airport, controlled by Santa Blanca, storing precurser chemicles, Nomad and his team go there to destroy them.

Got a prime target for you: a massive stock of cocaine precursors hidden in Libertad. Let's take it out.
---Karen Bowman giving mission debriefing to Nomad

Mission DescriptionEdit

We have obtained intel on the stockpiling of precursors chemicles in Libertad prior to delivery to Ocoro. Locating and destroying these will have a major impact on cocaine production.

When complete:
The loss of precursor stockpiles will bring cocaine production in Ocoro to a holt, causing a domino effect that will have a major impact on cartel operations across Bolivia.

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