Totem Ground
Location Colombia
Date August 1, 2010 / 15:20 Hours
Objective 1. Secure Enemy Camp

2. Find All Three Hostages
3. Reach Extraction Zone
4. No Team Casualties

Game Ghost Recon Jungle Storm
Next Operation: Vapor Knife

Operation Totem Ground is a mission conducted by Ghost Recon in 2010. It is the first operation during the Colombia conflict against the MFLC.

Briefing Edit

Gentlemen, welcome to Colombia. The locals call this place Locombia - the crazy country - and craziness is exactly what we're up against. You may recall that our Cuban playmate had backing from one of the Colombian cartels. Well, it seems that the cartel isn't happy with the way things turned out in Havana, and they're flexing their muscles on the mainland. They've annexed a few cartels and joined forces with one of the large rebel groups in the southern part of the country, and as a result all hell has broken loose. There's a three-cornered fight going on between rebels, paramilitaries and the government, and it's spilling over the borders into Ecuador and Peru. As a result, there's been a joint request from the regional governments for UN peacekeeping forces to come in and stabilize things, at least in the major civilian population areas. That's what everyone else on this mission gets to do. We, however, get a better assignment.

Our target is the MFLC - the Movimiento de las Fuerzas Libres Colombianas - which is what the group bankrolling the Cuban operation is calling itself these days. They're the head of the snake, and we get to chop it off. Once the leadership structure of the MFLC is destroyed, HQ is betting that things will settle back down in a hurry. That's the long-term goal. The short-term is a bit less complicated. We've got a team of archaeologists in the Alto Magdalena region who refused to evacuate when the fighting spilled up that way.. A team of Belgian peacekeepers went in to pull them out and promptly got ambushed. The survivors were taken prisoner, and we want them back.

The good news is that we've located the MFLC encampment where the survivors were taken. Your goal is to neutralize that rebel camp, then find and liberate the prisoners. Be careful, though the encampment backs up on a massive cave system, and we don't know how many fighters they've got holed up in there.

Gallery Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Let's Play Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Jungle Storm w Chow860 109:46

Let's Play Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Jungle Storm w Chow860 1

Ghost Recon Jungle Storm Totem Ground mission success00:12

Ghost Recon Jungle Storm Totem Ground mission success

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