Tonio Mateos
Tonio Mateos
Biographical information
Nationality BoliviaBolivian
Death place Bolivia
Affiliations Santa Blanca Drug Cartel
Occupation Gang leader
Appearances Ghost Recon Wildlands
"This man is giving me a headache."
— Agent Bowman on Mateos

Tonio Mateos is the man who leads the "Los Jinetes Locos-Crazy Riders" gang inside the Santa Blanca Drug Cartel. He liked to rap whenever he spoke.

His gang is assisted by Ghost Recon infiltrator posing as a mercenary, who he sends on missions against the Los Sin Alma gang. Upon first meeting him, Mateos threatened to kill him before he proved his mettle.

The Ghost eventually proves popular with the other gang members, causing Mateos to become jealous and challenge him to a race to prove who his the true "king". The infiltrator then takes one of the gang's cars to finish the challenge, with Mateos following along in a plane, taunting him the whole way.

Narco RoadEdit

After the Ghost wins the race, an enraged Mateos will fly his plane toward him, but the Ghost draws his pistol and kills him with a single shot, forcing the plane to crash in front of him. The Ghost then calls Tonio an "asshole".