Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wii is a Nintendo Wii-exclusive game released in November 2010.

Publisher's summaryEdit

After being inserted in Moscow and separated from the rest of their team, Ghost soldiers Hibbard and Booth must operate as a two-man team, relying on the intel of the local militia to fight their way to their target in a city infested with enemies. With the numbers clearly not in their favor, they will have to use their advanced weaponry and training to make sure the odds are.

The first of the franchise for Wii, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon offers an exclusive warfare experience customized for the Wii controller. Players can go solo or work with another player in 12 missions of high intensity combat, tactical infiltration and WOW moments, from the villages of Norway to the streets of Moscow.


Players take control of the characters using the Wii controller, with player one taking control of Hibbard. It is a cover-based shooter, and there are vehicle portions. The game has 12 missions, as well as an Arcade mode with competitive and cooperative modes.


Hib and Booth

The Ghosts in battle

18 months after an Ultranationalist coup in Moscow, the Russians invaded Norway. The Army Rangers spearhead a landing, and two soldiers, Hibbard and Booth, recover a Hammer drone to rescue a Ghost squad. They are then recruited into the group and three months later deploy into Moscow. They are ambushed and become separated. They fight their way through the city and meet up with loyalist double agent Major Maltsev.

They are then assigned to attack Ultranationalist targets in the city. Eventually they get clearance to capture General Maxim Cherskiy. They infiltrate his HQ as the allies invade the city, and they gather evidence of his war crimes. They are forced to shoot and kill Cherskiy as he attempts to flee.



As part of the promotion for the game, Ubisoft Entertainment released a video showing the Ghosts recruiting two "average joes" to fight with them.


The game is supposed to take part during the console version of Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. 2. Although the game says that 18 months have passed since the Russian Ultranationalist coup, in H.A.W.X. 2 only two months have passed before the Norway landing.



The GhostsEdit

US ArmyEdit

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Enemy UnitsEdit

RPG Enemy

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