Tiger Dust
Tiger Dust
Location Asia, Pakistan, Peshawar
Date April 17, 2024 / 16:02 Hours
Objective Identify, locate, and capture Arms Dealer
Game Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
Previous Operation: Noble Tempest
Next Operation: Silent Talon

Tiger Dust is the fourth mission conducted by the Ghost Team.


Scott Mitchell: Officer Sykes is on his way to Ramstein Air Base. After they check him out, he'll be going home, thanks to you. In return, he gave us some critical intel. The pieces are coming together, gentlemen. All three supply chains lead us back to the same source: a gunrunner out of Pakistan with an international client list. We're going into Peshawar, a convenient hub for illicit trade to and from Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. This isn't a small time operation. Whoever he is, this guy is running serious hardware, mil-spec technology, maybe even radioactive material. We have to cut him off. We're cooperating with Pakistani forces on this one. Their operation will cover ours. They keep the local, we get his supplier, everybody wins. Your team will identify, secure, and extract the supplier. Get this guy, and we're a major step closer to the big picture.

Lt. Kirk Graham: Nigeria may have been the big distribution hub in Africa, but the manifests we recovered from the shipment point to Peshawar. It's the one-stop firearms shopping capital of south Asia, so it makes sense they'd be running out of there.

Gear Edit

SMSgt. Marcus Kelso: On deployment, this drone turns into a low IR signature UAV, capable of tagging hostiles. If there's too much air traffic, ground it and it performs as an UGV. It also packs a sonic pulse weapon in crawler mode - just don't rely on it too much.

Flashbangs are basic field gear. Be sure to warn your team before you deploy 'em - they'll blind anyone in range who's looking at them, and knock out hearing as well. Just for a few seconds, but that's long enough.

You're better off on the rooftops in Peshawar than on the streets. I'd recommend a sniper rifle, maybe the MSR with a good scope. Match that with an SMG for close-quarters, and you should be set.

Walkthrough Edit





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