Thierry Dubois
Biographical information
Nationality French
Born July 14, 1982
Birth place France
Affiliations French Army (3rd Marine Parachute Regiment)
Occupation Soldier
Rank Sergent-Chef (Korean war)
Colonel (World War III)
Class Marksman
Appearances Ghost Recon 2
Physical description

Sergent-Chef Thierry Dubois is a marksmen in the French Army who served on a mission with Captain Scott Mitchell and The Ghosts in the 2011 North Korean War. He was later interviewed on Modern Heroes. He later leads a battlegroup as a Colonel in EFEC during World War III.

He was born on July 14, 1982. He was a rebellious youth, and got in trouble with the law as a teenager before joining the military. He excelled there, volunteering for different units, where he has served in varied roles from sniper to mortarman. Dubois is a quiet, somber professional soldier. He currently serves in France's 3rd Marine Parachute Regiment (3ème RPIMa - Régiment Parachutiste d'Infanterie de Marine).



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