The Deserter
Mission Details
Game Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands
Province Montuyoc
Target Santa Blanca deserter
Mission Objectives - Reach the first search party
- Interrogate the search party leader
- Reach the second search party
- Locate the deserter without being detected
- Extract the deserter to Montuyoc Alpha

The Deserter is the second mission in the Montuyoc province and takes place after The Outpost is complete.


Instead of reveling the chief combat insructor, the Ghosts discovered a Santa Blanca recruit that ran away from the training program. They set off to capture the deserter so he can reveal the chief instructor's identity.

We've picked up chatter that the cartel's looking for a deserter up in the hills. Fibd this guy and bring him in. He could tell us a lot about the cartel's training program.
---Karen Bowman giving mission debriefing to Nomad

Mission DescriptionEdit

The cartel deserter is believed to be hiding somewhere in Laguna Colorada. We need to locate and extract him to find out what he can tell us about the sicario training program.

When complete:
The cartel deserter has been moved to a secure location and is providing us with details about Santa Blanca's training program. Most importantly, he's given us the identity of the senior instructor, a former US Army Ranger named Carl Bookhart.

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