The Casino
Mission Details
Game Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands
Province P.N. De Agua Verde
Target Santa Blanca casino
Mission Objectives - Destroy gambling machines and gaming tables

The Casino is the second mission in the P.N. De Agua Verde province and requires the player to find major intel in order to unlock it.


Upon discovery of a Santa Blanca casino used to attract VIPs, Nomad and his team decide to go and destroy it in order to drive away VIPs from coming to Bolivia

We need to send a message that Carzita's resort isn't the safe haven the cartel claims it to be. Hit the casino. Tear the place up and frighten the customers. I want them on the next plane out of Bolivia.
---Karen Bowman giving mission debriefing to Nomad

Mission DescriptionEdit

Carzita's entertainment complex includes a lavish casino for the exclusive enjoyment of his guests. Raising the casino and destroying its gambling machines and gaming tables will force it to shut down and upset the VIPs.

When complete:
The casino said terrified Carzita's guests and shut down the facility. Several VIPs have left the resort, costing the cartel important buisness connections. Carzita will be very upset when he finds out.

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