Specialist wp
Weapons Light Machine Gun/Shotgun
Base Health 120 HP
Devices Aegis Aegis
Blackout GRO Blackout
Squad Supports ICON AmmoRegentcm21102321 Ammo Resupply
ICON EnergyRegentcm21102322 Device Recharge

The Ghost Recon Support class, also known as the Automatic Rifleman or Gunner, carries the Squad Automatic Weapon and can use sustained fully automatic fire to cover his team and suppress enemies. Dieter Munz, Olivia Pascarelli, and Santiago Gonzales were all Support operators around 2008. Marcus Brown served under Captain Scott Mitchell as a gunner.

Class SummaryEdit

The Support class is a class that specializes in the use of his devices to give his allies a substantial advantage. The class is equipped with either a light machine gun or shotgun, while being able to equip medium armor. The Support class is great at creating gaps in enemy defenses with either his Blackout or spearhead his own attack with AEGIS. The Specialist gives his allies unparalleled fire superiority with his Ammo Resupply ensuring his allies do not have to worry about ammo or he can go with Device Recharge to allow his allies to dominate the battlefield with their abilities.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced WarfighterEdit

GRAW Support
Weapons Light Machine Guns
Grenades 4x Frags - 4x Smokes

The Support soldier carries a heavy weapon and has devastating firepower. He can effectively suppress the enemy and seal off approachways.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2Edit

Automatic Rifleman

Automatic Rifleman Male

Automatic Rifleman Female

Weapons Assault Rifles
Light Machine Guns
Grenades 4x Frags - 4x Smokes

Automatic Rifleman class players primary role is to provide suppressive fire on key choke points and enemy positions. An effectively positioned Automatic Rifleman can cut off key areas of a map by pouring down fire while teammates of other classes flank the suppressed position. Automatic Riflemen have increased accuracy with all weapons while firing fully automatic as well as increased accuracy in the crouched and prone positions. Automatic Riflemen are less effective with Marksman class weapons.

Equipment VariantsEdit


  • Binoculars
  • Extra Ammo
  • Frag Grenade


Automatic RiflemanEdit

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon PhantomsEdit

All primary weapons in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms have 3 variants. The differences in these variants are to fit the play-style of each player. The different variants have certain customizations locked to further cement their role and play-style.

Light Machine GunsEdit

  1. Level 1: Mk 5 GI (Starter Gun)
    • Variants: Mk 4 C / Mk 5 / Mk 3 SP
  2. Level 5: M-96
    • Variants: M96 C / M-96 SV
  3. Level 10: M249 SAW
    • Variants: M249 Para / MK 48 Mod 0
  4. Level 15: L86A1 IW
    • Variants: L86A1 LSW / L86 SV
  5. Level 20: MG4
    • Variants: MG4 C / MG4 SP
  6. Level 25: MG36
    • Variants: MG36 K / MG36 KV
  7. Level 30: 6P41
    • Variants: 6P41 SP / 6P41 SV


  1. Level 1: M500
    • Variants: M500 C / M500 SV
  2. Level 5: Pentagun
    • Variants: Pentagun SP / Pentagun SD
  3. Level 10: M1014
    • Variants: M1014 C / M1014 SD
  4. Level 15: PM5
    • Variants: PM5 SP / PM5 350
  5. Level 20: NS2000
    • Variants: NS2000 C / NS2000 SP
  6. Level 25: Model 10a
    • Variants: Model 10a C / Model 10a SP
  7. Level 30: KPS-12
    • Variants: KPS-12 C / KPS-12 SD


  1. Level 1: P250
  2. Level 4: USP-45
  3. Level 9: TR-1
  4. Level 14: P-45
  5. Level 19: FiveSeven
  6. Level 24: RedHawk
  7. Level 29: Px4 Storm



This armor trades armor rating for mobility.
  • Level 1: 2 Armor Insert Slots,
  • Level 7: 3 Armor Insert Slots,
  • Level 17: 4 Armor Insert Slots,
  • Level 27: 4 Armor Insert Slots,


This armor trades mobility for armor rating.
  • Level 1: 2 Armor Insert Slots,
  • Level 7: 3 Armor Insert Slots,
  • Level 17: 4 Armor Insert Slots,
  • Level 27: 4 Armor Insert Slots,



Aegis is a hemispherical force field that deflects both bullets and grenades. The "bubble" is big enough to protect several teammates in addition to the Specialist that generated it. The Aegis has a hardness which depletes as it takes damage, and, though rare, bullets can penetrate it.


Blackout GRO
Blackout is an area of effect EMP discharge that stuns your opponents and fries their electronics. Enemy guns are disabled for a brief period of time.

Squad SupportEdit

ICON AmmoRegentcm21102321

Ammo ResupplyEdit

Provides ammo regeneration for all teammates within range.
  • Level 9: Mk1: 1 bullet per second
  • Level 28: Mk2: 2 bullets per second
ICON EnergyRegentcm21102322

Device RechargeEdit

Shortens cooldown for teammates within range.
  • Level 9: Mk1: 3% reduced cooldown time
  • Level 28: Mk2: 6% reduced cooldown time

Ghost Recon Phantoms Specialist class: Edit

Ghost Recon Online "Open Beta" Specialist class: Edit


  • In Ghost Recon Phantoms, the class was originally the Specialist.
  • The M60 appears in Advanced Warfighter's multiplayer.


The Support Abilities

Images of Specialist Class


Ghost Recon Online - Room Clearing

Ghost Recon Online - Room Clearing

The Support Aegis Ability

GRO Blackout Ability

GRO Blackout Ability

The Support Blackout Ability