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The Serbu SUPER-SHORTY shotgun is manufactured in USA by privately owned company Serbu Firearms Inc. of Tampa. This stubby firearm was originally designed by Mark Serbu as one –off conversion of a Mossberg 590 shotgun into most compact package possible. The concept caught on, and SUPER-SHORTY shotgun entered mass production for civilian users, military and law enforcement. Firing full-power 12-gauge loads, SUPER-SHORTY is a formidable short-range / point-blank weapon which offers high probability of “one shot stops” of bad guys while maintaining compact, concealable and maneuverable size. For military and LE applications, SUPER-SHORTY is very useful as a door breaching / entry weapon.

Serbu SUPER-SHORTY shotguns are converted from existing, full-size pump action shotguns. Most popular models that are used for conversion are 12-gauge Mossberg 500, Remington 870 and Maverick 88. Similar conversions could be made ‘on order’ on 20-gauge versions of the same guns. In each case, conversion includes careful shortening of the barrel (to ensure proper accuracy with slugs and even patterns with buckshot), shortening of a magazine tube and magazine spring, installation of the pistol grip, and replacement of the standard sliding forend with proprietary folding forward grip. For SWAT and Military use, special breaching adapter is installed onto the muzzle. Standard version of the Serbu SUPER-SHORTY holds 2 rounds in underbarrel tubular magazine plus one in the chamber. Serbu also offers slightly longer versions of the SUPER-SHORTY shotgun, with 3- and 4-round magazines and 9- and 12-inch barrels respectively.