Subtle Arrow
Subtle Arrow
Location Africa, Zambia, New Luenga Refugee Camp, Western Province
Date March 28, 2024 / 10:00 Hours
Objective Locate and assess warlord Dede Macaba
Recover intel on arms shipment
Game Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
Previous Operation: Nimble Guardian
Next Operation: Noble Tempest

Subtle Arrow is the second mission conducted by the Ghost Team.


Scott Mitchell: The man you brought in, Paez, coughed up about a hundred names. Most of them are small- to mid-time players in South America, but we did dig out one unusual connection. Gentlemen, we’re heading to Africa. Paez’s gear was only part of a larger shipment. Another part went into Zambia, to a man named Dede Macaba. Macaba’s an Angolan warlord and war criminal. He fled Angola and crossed the border into Zambia, where he set up shop right in the middle of a refugee camp. He’s got a fresh shipment en route. Macaba’s just a means to an end. Your priority is intel on the source on that shipment. Our window's tight on this, so it's gonna have to be a daylight raid. A local contact will get you into the camp. Find Macaba, find his shipment, and find his source.

Lt. Kirk Graham: Dede Macaba's an old-school guerrilla who's turned one of the border refugee camps into his personal territory. Nobody gets guns - or food - in there without his say-so. Looks like he still had some old contacts to reactivate when it came to arming his people. And those are the same contacts who armed Paez.

Gear Edit

SMSgt. Marcus Kelso: We don't have the processor power yet to let adaptive camo function while you're moving fast. But for when you're holding position or taking it slow, it's the next best thing to being invisible.

Magnetic view makes any metal in the vicinity pop out in your field of view. That includes mines, guns being held by hostiles in cover, hidden caches - you name it.

The terrain you're going into is almost desert; long sight-lines, not much cover. Take an assault rifle with a Tac-Scope attachment. It'll give you good range for distance work, and full-auto if you have to rock-and-roll.

Walkthrough Edit







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