The Sri Lankan crisis was a conflict in which Ghost Recon took part in.


After Indian-registered American mining ships are attacked and dozens killed off the coast of Sri Lanka, the Ghosts are deployed to Sri Lanka 72-hours ahead of the American landing, where they find the enemy may not be who it seems. Command wants the Ghosts to go in and find out who was responsible. The Sri Lankans are pulling back to Colombo, so time is limited. A carrier group is moving in range, but Scott Mitchell says the Ghosts were going in covertly.

The crisisEdit

The Ghost's Alpha Team meet with their government contact Ranjit Hisan, who leads Bravo Team. The Ghosts, acting on intelligence from a CIA contact, strike at the Activists, removing their leader Kumara Fazal. They soon find out that the contact was a double-agent for the Loyalists, and the Ghosts go behind enemy lines to make it seem like the other faction had betrayed the other. The rebels seize President Darsha, so the Ghosts rescue him. Eventually they hunt down the mastermind Sunil Ranga at his home and capture or kill him. They tell Hisan that they were never there and go on to their next assignment.


Players have the option of capturing or killing the leader Sunil Ranga at the end.


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