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Splinter Cell Pack
SC Pack
Release date 26 September, 2013
Weapons Assault
  • F2000 SV SC
  • NS2000 SD SC


  • MP7 SC SC
  • M200 SP SC


  • MG36 SD SC
  • NS2000 SD SC


  • FiveSeven SC
Maps Khyber Stronghold
Camouflage SC Camo
Appereance Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online

Welcome to Fourth Echelon. The Splinter Cell agents of Fourth Echelon are teaming up with Ghost Recon to face a common foe. Arm yourself with tactical Splinter Cell weapons and gear to infiltrate the Phantom Stronghold. All Splinter Cell weapons are silenced, but pack a deadly punch - perfect for flanking and firing on the go.



Trailer Edit

Ghost Recon Online- new map (Khyber Stronghold) & Splinter Cell pack -UK-01:40

Ghost Recon Online- new map (Khyber Stronghold) & Splinter Cell pack -UK-

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