Secure Dawn
Secure Dawn
Location Central Asia, Kazakhstan
Date September 22, 2024 / 04:50 Hours
Objective Find and rescue Kozlov, a loyalist Russian general
Game Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
Previous Operation: Shattered Mountain
Next Operation: Cold Walker

Secure Dawn is the first mission conducted by the Ghost Team during the coup in Russia.


Scott Mitchell: All hell's broken loose in Russia, gentlemen. State is reporting that a group of hard-line Russian nationalists calling themselves the Raven's Rock Druzhina has launched a coup against President Volodin. Loyalist troops are fighting back, but they're widely scattered and lacking unified command. Russia's top military officer, General of the Army Yuri Kozlov, was on his way back to Moscow from a defense summit in Astana when the coup took place. Raven's Rock had his plane intercepted and shot down over Kazakhstan, just a few miles south of the border. Volodin needs our help, whether he wants it or not. Kozlov is our way in. We're sending you to Kazakhstan to get him before Raven's Rock does. You'll be going in with just your basic gear. That means no optical camo, drones or remote sensors. Get in, search the crash site, find Kozlov and get him to the extraction point.

Walkthrough Edit