Raven's Rock
Raven's Rock
Formed c. March 2024
Dissolved July 22, 2024
Headquarters Russia
Members Petrakov

Raven's Rock is a Russian Ultranationalist organization that was active in the near future.


Raven's Rock began as a unit within Russian Special Forces. Overtime the unit went rogue and began to enter into the business of weapons trafficking. Using the wealth they obtained from their illegal arms sells Raven's Rock grew in strength and numbers to the point of having their own personal army (the Bodark's) and gained to their side a portion of the Russian military. The group main goal was to seize power in Russia to establish an ultranationalist government. Being a shadowy organization for a long time, their extensive weapons trafficking operations and world destabilization was noted by the N.U.T.D. A Ghost Recon team was sent after them and ruined all their plans to maintain their power in the Kremlin and, eventually, all remaining leaders of Raven's Rock were tracked down by the Ghost team and executed, putting an end to the organization's existence.

Raven's Rock was one of the suspects in the theft of ATHENA Corp. information, but it was the Ghost's new enemy: the Phantoms.

List of membersEdit


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