Raphael Rivera
Biographical information
Nationality Nicaragua Nicaraguan
Death place His mansion, Nicaragua
Affiliations Nicaragua gov Nicaraguan government
Occupation Politician
Rank President
Appearances Ghost Recon Commander

Raphael Rivera is the President of Nicaragua who had a son. He turned the country into a police state, causing a rebellion to form. The Ghosts stepped in and stopped Rivera before he could deploy his WMD, the Modulated Neutron Initiator. They eventually cornered Rivera and his own mansion and killed him.


Raphael Rivera started his career in the Nicaraguan government from the Channel 13 news station. He was eventually elected President. Over time, he started a police state. One of his staffers, Alejandra Lopez, joined the rebellion against him.

Rivera had a bunch of thugs patrol the countryside, and they stockpiled weapons. Two rival drug gangs also joined together to supply Rivera's forces. Rivera also had Anka Jovanovic build him a WMD, the Modulated Neutron Initiator, in a secret lab.

Around the time of the Raven's Rock coup, the Ghosts, including a certain Ghost, were deployed to Nicaragua to aid the rebellion. They systematically took down Rivera's forces, eventually shutting down the weapons lab and capturing Jovanovic and Rivera's son.

The Ghosts eventually cornered Rivera in his mansion, protected only by his Elite Guard. They killed everyone at the mansion, although pockets of resistance still remained.



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