Ramon Feliz
Biographical information
Nationality Bolivia Bolivian
Died 2019
Death place Bolivia
Age 36
Affiliations Santa Blanca Cartel
Role Underboss for all influencer "Buchons"
Occupation Narco Blogger
Appearances Ghost Recon Wildlands

Ramon Feliz is a popular Bolivian Narco-Blogger. He was kidnapped and recruited by Santa Blanca Drug Cartel in 2008 to enhance the cartel's public image -- especially via internet.

His work causes him to want to commit suicide, but a message comes through from one of his sources revealing that the Cartel is trafficking in children.

He publishes the leak, leading to the Cartel to send a sicario hitsquad after him.

He is slaughtered by El Sueño's men for betrayal before the Ghosts can arrive. After one of the killers posts a selfie with his body, the Ghosts hunt him down and try to find Feliz's harddrive. They retrieve the drive and use the information to take down El Cardenal.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • After defeating Ramon Feliz, the player will be rewarded with 7 skill points and 10,000 comms tools resources.
  • Ramon Feliz is one of two buchons that are already deceased by the time the Ghosts reach him. The other is El Emisario.