The RPK (Russian: Ruchnoy Pulemyot Kalashnikova; English: Kalashnikov hand-held machine gun) is a Russian machine gun.


Ghost Recon: Future SoldierEdit

The RPK is available to the Bodark Rifleman class and is only unlockable by Uplay.

Real-world developmentEdit

The RPK is a Soviet/Russian light machine gun, developed by Mikhail Kalashnikov in the late 1950s. It was put into service with the Soviet Army in 1961. Several countries have copied the design and were produced, as well as many others exported, especially after the Soviet Army replaced it with the RPK-74, which, it too was copied and exported, especially to Asian, Middle-Eastern, African and East European countries.

The RPK fires the 7.62x39mm cartridge from a 40-round box magazine or 75-round drum magazine. The RPK-74 uses the 5.45x39mm cartridge which is loaded into 45 round box magazines and can also be used in a prototype 100-round drum magazine (this never entered production). These magazines are fully compatible with other AK variants of the same caliber, as well as several other Russian style small arms. They have an effective range of around 100–800 meters (RPK-74 effective range being longer than the RPK due to the newer ammunition), and share many of the traits of the Kalashnikov rifles. A heavier, longer barrel and reinforced receiver allow it to stand up to the heavier firing it's role requires. While not the most accurate LMG, it is more than capable of hitting targets accurately in typical combat ranges.


The RPK in Gunsmith mode


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