Origin Flag of the United States United States
Role Military utility aircraft
Manufacturer Beechcraft
General characteristics
Crew 1–5
Length 43.9 ft (13.34 m)
Height 15 ft (4.57 m)
Loaded weight 12,500 lb (5,670 kg)
Maximum speed 333 mph (535 km/h)
Range 2,075 miles (3,338 km)

The RC-12 aircraft was first used as part of the US Army's Guardrail program. The special electronic mission aircraft (SEMA) used in the Guardrail system were initially based on the U-21 Ute aircraft, until transitioning to the C-12 Huron aircraft as part of the Improved Guardrail V program. The airframe includes navigation, avionics and survivability equipment. RC-12 and RC-12-like aircraft were then used for a wide array of programs requiring SEMA.

Ghost ReconEdit

In 2013, one was shot down over Nicaragua. It was carrying the Guardrail IX, a top-secret communications device, which was subsequently seized and sold to Mexican rebels.



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