Main Town Todos Santos
Ecosystem Arid Mountains
Map Pucara
Pucara is a Bolivian province under the control of DJ Perico. It is used for the Santa Blanca Drug Cartel's radio and mausoleums.

Pucara is described as:
A remote province where Santa Blanca builds tombs.

It is surrounded by Itacua, Montuyoc and Barvechos in the north, La Cruz from the east, Malca in the south and Inca Camina in the west.

The following missions take place in Pucara:


This province is located on the mountain chain bordering Altiplano on the east. It is a very arid and poor region. The main resources are zinc deposits, sheep farming, and potato cultures. Bolivia has large mineral resources in its western part and a zinc mine is operated by OMZnA in the province. The provincial capital is the small town of Todos Santos, whose main activity is the llama market. Charamokho is a village renowned for its llamas, while Pilca is the village where the zinc miners live.

Pucara is named after the Incan fortress ruins there. After the agreement with the Bolivian government, Sueho resided for some weeks in his Bolivian stronghold, overseeing his vast territory. Upon discovering the Incan ruins, Sueno had a revelation. It was his turn to build an empire, and this land was the first brick. Swearing to the Santa Muerte in his heart, he decided that, when he died, his remains would be buried there in the heart of his empire.

Back in Mexico, Sueño ordered that a grand mausoleum be built in the province of Pucara. Architects and technicians were recruited and sent to start the construction quickly. No one knows when the Santa Muerte picks a soul...

A base was built near the site and the sicarios forcibly recruited a part of the population of Todos Santos to serve as labor. DJ Perico was also responsible for setting up a radio station that would be the voice of the empire.

Sueño’s lieutenants, inspired by the action of their boss, decided to follow the example. One after another they began the construction of tombs, certainly impressive but much less than that of the drug lord. Pucara now looks like a huge construction site, such as the Valley of the Kings of ancient Egypt in its splendor. Splendor that will certainly end in a bonfire of vanities...