Shadow Team

Phantoms are a group which are striking against the Ghosts in secret before disappearing 20 years into the future. Their first operation against the Ghosts was to steal ATHENA Corp. information from Xinyi, Taiwan. Specter Team was killed. Bard and Virgil were part of Shadow Team.

The Phantoms also killed Allen and Bob, but a third Ghost escaped. They are the team's deadliest enemies and are formed from ex-Ghosts and other individuals who are seeking their own anti-US imperialism agenda.

Later, they assigned Specter Team to an ATHENA Corp. facility in Taiwan. Shadow Team managed to steal the information, but their stolen information was recaptured by the Ghosts' Yankee Team. They left behind a wounded member to lead the Ghosts into a trap in Pakistan.

Raid on the Phantoms headquartersEdit

The Ghosts successfully raid the Phantom's compound, and recover information, with Shadow team escaping again. Yankee Team is then captured by the Omega Company, which has an unknown connection to ATHENA Corp. Bard's team then helped them escape, which then lead to the Ghosts and Phantoms forming an alliance.

Athena siegeEdit

The Phantoms and Ghosts formed a plan to raid ATHENA. Shadow Team was tasked with uploading a virus which would disable security.


The Phantoms were added to the free-to-play multiplayer shooter Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online as part of the Phantom Pack upgrade on July 10, 2013. Players may receive rewards from the Phantom mission by acquiring up to 100 million points.

As part of the official release in April 2014, the Phantoms are part of the "narrative layer". According to the game's producer Corey Facteau, they were envisioned as being "gray characters" to better reflect today's reality. They are also seen as two-parts of the same coin with the Ghosts.



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