Biographical information
Nationality RUS Russian
Nickname "Ace"
Died July 22, 2024
Death place Near Archangels'k Oblast
Affiliations Raven's Rock Raven's Rock
Occupation Arms dealer
Appearances Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Petrakov, code-named "Ace" is a member of Raven's Rock, a Russian arms dealer group which tried to stage a coup. He and six others met near Archangels'k Oblast and were systematically eliminated by a Ghost Recon team. Petrakov fled and almost escaped on a train when he was confronted by the team. At the last minute, orders came from on high that the US government needed him alive and "not to touch him". Ace taunted the team, and they left him on the tracks, with Ghost Lead correcting him that their orders were not to touch him. The team leaves and Ace is run over by the next train while screaming in agony.


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