Paul Smith
Biographical information
Nationality Flag of the United States American
Born April 19, 1988
Birth place Modoc County, California
Affiliations US Army logo United States Army
Ghosts Logo Ghost Recon
JointStrikeForce Joint Strike Force
Occupation Soldier
Rank Colonel Colonel (by 2020)
Class Rifleman
Battalion leader
Appearances GRAW

Paul Smith is a member of The Ghosts and becomes a Colonel for the Joint Strike Force.


Early lifeEdit

Paul Smith was raised in the backwoods of California’s Modoc County, where his father was the local sheriff. An avid outdoorsman, Paul’s father taught him the skills needed to hunt and survive in the isolated woods around their rural country home. Paul enjoyed being outdoors so much that schoolwork never came easy. He was unable to sit still for a single moment at a time. He never could quite live up to his parents’ expectations, especially since they were the pillars of their small community. After graduating, Paul took the fastest route out of town and enlisted in the military.


Basic training and Infantryman’s School at Fort Benning, Georgia, went quickly for Smith. As a soldier, Paul was quiet and disciplined. After his upbringing, the service was no challenge at all. He received numerous commendations for his commitment to his unit and the service. Still, Paul decided not to re-up. His mind changed the day he met an instructor from 7th Special Forces Group. The instructor was a deadly expert in hand-to-hand fighting. Paul was so impressed by the skills, discipline, and overall bearing of Captain Mitchell (now a major) that he volunteered for the most grueling 16 weeks of his life at “Bragg”. He was joining the Green Berets.

During his initial deployment in the African Theater Paul was able to demonstrate the skills that had been burned into him as a child. After two years with 3rd SFG, Paul has been tapped to join the Ghosts. He worked with Captain Scott Mitchell during the 2013 Mexican operation.

In April 2012 he was assisting a friend at his farm when he received a message assigning him to Operation War Wraith. He was wounded during the operation, which was to neutralize the Spring Tigers.

In 2020, he is a Colonel in the Joint Strike Force and commands the 22nd Tactical Battalion during the events of World War III.


When not on an operation, Paul's country upbringing shows in everything he does. He is quiet, and polite, never forgetting his manners. In combat, Paul transforms into an intense, no nonsense, warrior. He understands the chain of command and follows orders without questions. Growing up in the woods has made him into an efficient battlefield hunter. Paul is usually the first to see or contact the bad guys. He always walks the lead.

Gallery Edit


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