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Biographical information
Nationality North Korean
Died November 2007
Death place North Korean Army Base
Affiliations North Korea
Occupation Soldier
Rank Major-General
Appearances Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2
Physical description

Major-General Paik was a North Korean army officer and a student of General Jung Chong-Sun. In July 2007, after a North Korean missile sunk the USS Clarence E. Walsh, the US sent in the Ghosts to wage war against Paik. They eventually were able to broker a peace treaty, but several months later Paik broke it after he seized a nuclear weapon, causing President David Bowers to call him a maniac. Scott Mitchell led his Ghost team to Paik's base to stop the missile, leading to Paik's death. Chong-Sun was not concerned about his failure, and several years later, launched another war.


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