The PSG1 is a sniper rifle available for use by Ghost Recon operators.


Role in Ghost Recon Edit

The PSG1 appears in the console versions of the original Ghost Recon and can be used in multiplayer or quick mission modes.

Real-world overview Edit

The PSG1 was designed and developed by German firearms manufacturer Heckler & Koch by the mid-1980's. Designed to be the ultimate police and counter-terror marksman rifle, the PSG1 ( PrazisionsSchutzenGewehr 1, or "high-precision marksman's rifle" in English) has been adopted by various special police forces across Europe and the US, such as SWAT and the German SEK (Spezialeinsatzkommandos). While the GSG (Germany's elite counter-terror force) participated in testing the PSG1, it was deemed too heavy for military use. However H&K then produced a lighter derivative of the PSG-1, the MSG-90, for military use.

799px-Evers PSG-1

A Overview Of the PSG-1

Statistics Edit

  • Caliber: 7.62 x 51mm NATO (.308 Win)
  • Action: Semi-automatic, roller-delayed blowback
  • Barrel: 650 mm
  • Overall length: 1208 mm
  • Weight: 8.10 kg with scope and no magazine
  • Magazine: 5 or 20 round detachable box
  • Scope: Hendsoldt 6x42, 6 settings from 100 to 600 meters
  • Expected accuracy: Sub-1MOA with match grade ammunition


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