Location Pakistan
Game Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
Previous Map: Sand Storm
Next Map: Pipeline

"Once an overpass on the road to nowhere, this stretch of highway came crashing down in a seriously bad neighborhood. With stairwells leading up to exposed sniping positions, there's as much danger above the streets as on them."

Overpass is a large multiplayer map set in a ghetto-looking town. The main street set down the middle of the map is long and spotted with cars. If you can get to a higher position, the main street is the best area for sniping. The side streets and buildings are much smaller, however. If you plan on going around the side areas, which you will have to if you want to take objectives, you better be prepared for close quarter combat. There are many turns and tight spaces.


Ghost Recon Future Soldier Overpass Walkthrough02:00

Ghost Recon Future Soldier Overpass Walkthrough

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