Operation War Wraith is a Ghost Recon mission launched to stop rogue Chinese military officers from initiating "Pouncing Dragon": the annexation of Taiwan. On April 22, 2012, the Ghosts were inserted from the USS Montana under the command of Captain Scott Mitchell. They infiltrated the Hakka castle to eliminate the Spring Tigers and were discovered by the guards. They fought their way out, and Brown and Smith were wounded. Agent "Boy Scout" was killed by Chinese reinforcements.

Village elder Huang shot agent "Buddha" as a matter of honor and wounded Ramirez. Mitchell was wounded in his attempt to kill Captain Fang Zhi, an old rival.

Their extraction was compromised by the arrival of Chinese patrol boats. SEAL Chiefs Tanner and Phillips set up a distraction, but Phillips was killed. They were able to escape using a stolen Chinese Zodiac.


They found out later that the DIA double agent who had tipped them off to Pouncing Dragon had been killed in an apparent robbery. The Ghosts met up with Chief Tanner at the Liberator Sports Bar and Grill.


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