Olivia Pascarelli
Biographical information
Nationality Flag of the United States American
Born May 17, 1975
Birth place Keyes, Virginia
Family Antonio (father) - deceased

Sabina (mother) - deceased

Affiliations US Army logo United States Army

Ghosts Logo Ghost Recon

Occupation Soldier
Rank First Lieutenant insignia Lieutenant
Class Support
Appearances Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm
Physical description
Height 5'06" (167cm)
Weight 135lbs (61kg)
"I'm beginning to take this entire operation personally, and that's not a good sign."
— Pascarelli's Specialist quote

Olivia Pascarelli is a Ghost support operative who may have served in the 2010 Colombian conflict.

History Edit

Early life Edit

Olivia Pascarelli born in May 17, 1975 in Keyes, Virginia. Second-generation Italian-American; parents emigrated in 1968. Father (Antonio, d. 1986) was owner of hardware store, mother (Sabina, d. 1990) worked in university administration. Average student in high school, lettered in track.

Military career Edit

Olivia enlisted in 1993. Did basic training at Ft. Benning. Served in peacekeeping missions in Senegal with 25th Infantry. Deployed in Afghanistan in early 2002. Saw action at Ma'zak and Shir Khan Kheyl. Reassigned and attached to Ghosts in May 18, 2005.

Personality Edit

Pascarelli never talks about her family. Though she speaks fluent Italian, she rarely does so unless pressed, and she doesn't like talking about her family. She is confident and disciplined, and often comes across as brusque or rude as a result. Despite the fact that she is not particularly well-liked, she is accorded a grudging respect for her performance in the field, her stubborn refusal to complain about anything. During her free time, Pascarelli enjoys triathlons and cross-country skiing, and other members of the Ghosts are hard-pressed to keep up with her in either pursuit. She is also an avowed music hater, and will go to great lengths to find peace and quiet before either a mission or a race.

Gallery Edit


  • Olivia Pascarelli is one of the unlockable specialists in Jungle Storm.


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