OH-58D Kiowa
OH-58D Kiowa
Origin Flag of the United States United States
Role Observation and reconnaissance helicopter
Manufacturer Bell Helicopter
General characteristics
Crew 2 pilots
Length 42.2 ft (12.85 m)
Height 12.10 ft (3.93 m)
Loaded weight 3,829 lb (1,737 kg)
Maximum speed 149 mph (240 km/h)
Range 161 miles (556 km)

The OH-58D Kiowa Warrior is a two-place single engine armed reconnaissance helicopter. The OH-58D's highly accurate navigation system permits precise target location that can be handed-off to other engagement systems. The OH-58D has an infrared thermal imaging capability and can display night vision goggle flight reference symbology. It's laser designator/laser rangefinder can provide autonomous designation for laser-guided precision weapons. Air-to-Air Stinger (ATAS) issiles provide the Kiowa Warrior with protection against threat aircraft.

Ghost Recon 2 Edit

In 2007 during the Korean conflict, Captain Thomas was a OH-58D Kiowa scout pilot. His craft was shot down by a SAM, and he crashed. Although his copilot did not survive, Thomas was captured. He was subsequently rescued by the Ghost team.

Appearances Edit

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