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Biographical information
Nationality Flag of the United States American
Age 36
Role Team Leader/Support Gunner
Personality Calm, collected
Affiliations Ghosts Logo Ghost Recon
Occupation Soldier
Rank Major
Appearances Ghost Recon Wildlands

Anthony "Tony" Perryman, aka Nomad, is a Ghost team leader and support gunner. He is the one making the important decisions. A Major in the US Army, he was trained to leverage the expertise of each member of his squad for success.

Along with fellow Ghosts Holt, Midas and Weaver, Nomad were deployed in Bolivia as part of Operation Kingslayer, a joint operation between CIA, DEA, and JSOC to dismantle the powerful drug cartel Santa Blanca. Working with their CIA handler, Karen Bowman, Nomad and his team worked to dismantle the Cartel with full autonomy, doing what they saw needed to be done on their own terms.

Biography Edit


Born in Boston, Anthony "Tony" Perryman ("Nomad") was a military brat who spent his childhood moving from base to base. At the age of 18, he decided to enlist, eventually earning a bachelors degree and becoming a commissioned officer and became a member of Delta Force before the age of 24.

After spending three tours with the counter-terrorist unit Task Force 88, he was then selected to become a Ghost thanks to his impressive feats. Nomad took part in many top secret operations all over the world, but it was only two years ago that he was promoted to Ghost team leader.

Nomad remains completely calm, even under great pressure. He is the epitome of the strong, silent type, able to repress his emotions and to remain completely objective under every circumstance. Past teammates would joke about checking his pulse during parachute jumps to make sure he was alive.

Pre-operation KingslayerEdit

His unit was caught up in the Mexican Rebellion, and found himself fighting alongside the Ghost operators John Hume and Nick Salvatore.

After being recruited into the Ghosts, he was assigned to a squad with Sage, Joker, and Weaver. One of their missions was to retrieve or destroy a downed UAV in South America.

During his initial briefing, Nomad saw surveillance footage of El Sueño executing the family of a Bolivian police officer. Stating that this footage has haunted him ever since, he made a vow to do everything he could to stop El Sueño.

Trivia Edit

  • Nomad is a Major in the U.S Army and the only commissioned officer on the team.
  • Nomad speaks fluent Spanish, but his accent has been known to be poor.
  • Nomad uses the L85A2 & L115A3 as his secondary as he is more of a fan to British weaponry.
  • Nomad has a son who has trouble respecting him.
  • He is troubled by the fact that he has to keep his true occupation in the military a secret from his family, especially his son, but respects and holds its secrecy without falter.
  • He considers Operation Kingslayer to be a revenge mission first and foremost, and hopes to avoid getting involved in local politics.

Gallery Edit



  • Nomad is one of the four Ghost characters in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands. It was confirmed at Gamescon 2016 that players would have complete character and weapon customization options.
  • Nomad is the player character in singleplayer mode. Nomad can be edited to be male or female, although he is canonically male.
  • Male Nomad is voiced by Joseph May while Female Nomad is voiced by Andrea Deck.


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