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Nidia Flores
Nidia Flores
Biographical information
Nationality Mexico Mexican
Nickname La Reina de Belleza
(The Beauty Queen)
Age 39
Role Head of Trafficking
Appearances Ghost Recon Wildlands
"I conquered the Mexico-American border. I can handle Bolivia. Lo tengo y lo sabes. Trust me. It will be easy."
— Nidia Flores

Nidia Flores’s, aka "The Beauty Queen"'s, childhood was particularly traumatic and violent, shaping her character and pushing her to seek success for survival. Little by little, Nidia rose through the organizations using her wit.


Nidia Flores had a dangerous childhood, leading her to use any means for survival. For that she was able to rise through the Santa Blanca drug cartel.

Along the way, she dated many men, and eventually birthed a daughter.

Extremely smart and analytical, Nidia managed to work her way to the highest positions of the Santa Blanca Cartel thanks to exceptional manipulation capacities. Her role in the cartel is to ensure the packaging and delivery of the final product, while at the same time laundering all income.

Behind the scenesEdit

She is played by Kesia Elwin.


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