Main Town Rancho Sabala
Ecosystem Altiplano
Map Mojocoyo
Mojocoyo is a primary smuggling province where Santa Blanca stores its cocaine. It is run by the smuggling buchon, Antonio. It is filled with lots of fields and plantations. Mojocoyo Base is found in the upper corner of the province, and that is where Santa Blanca stores most of its cocaine.

Mojocoyo is described as:
One of the poorest provinces in Bolivia.

It is surrounded by Koani from the north, Montuyoc and Barvechos from the south and Remanzo in the east.

The following missions take place in Mojocoyo:


This province is located in the region of Altiplano. Life conditions are tough and resources are limited. Activity is focused on llama breeding and quinoa cultures, one of the rare cereal capable of growing at this altitude. The enthusiasm for quinoa in developed countries galvanized local agriculture and brought a bit of income to this poor region.

The capital is Rancho Sabala, where there is a market of quinoa. The three villages of this province, Capachunco, Panua, and Chacatal focus on quinoa cultures and llama breeding.

The cartel has chosen this province to store their cocaine reserves for its proximity with the main expedition sites located in the neighboring province of Koani. El Sueño handed the responsibility to install cocaine stocks in Mojocoyo, and to look after them, to Antonio.

Antonio took the biggest building of the province, a school built years ago to welcome students. The schooling was a priority of the Bolivian government, which invested in this school to give better training to the children of poor farmers. Now the school shelters dozens of tons of cocaine. To protect this treasure, Antonio installed a base around the school.

Several other little warehouses were constructed in this province. They are used when the main one is totally filled or to shelter a cargo that has to be sent quickly. Conditions at these smaller warehouses are not that good and can affect the quality of the cocaine.

Antonio perfectly handles cocaine streams. All the clients are supplied in time. However, Antonio’s mental health is unstable. He locked all the women of Rancho Sabala in the school.