The following are all of the main missions that take place in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands and the buchons they are afflicated with:

La Yuri and El PolitoEdit

Carl BookhartEdit

General BaroEdit

El PozoleroEdit

El ComandanteEdit

La PlagaEdit

El MuroEdit

DJ PericoEdit

El ChidoEdit


La SanteraEdit

Ramon FelizEdit

El CardenalEdit

El EmisarioEdit

Madre CocaEdit

El WeyEdit

Marcus JensenEdit

La GringaEdit

El YayoEdit

El GatoEdit

El PulpoEdit


Boston ReedEdit

El CerebroEdit

La CabraEdit

El BoquitaEdit

Nidia FloresEdit

El SueñoEdit

Ricky SandovalEdit

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