Location Russia
Game Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
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"Located in a peaceful village, the old mill site offers peace, quiet and relaxation - and sturdy buildings with thick stone walls for cover. On the fringes, creeping wilderness provides a wealth of possible ambush sites."

Mill is a large, forested map set in rural Russia. A small river splits the map in half. Three bridges will be stretched out from one side to the other, allowing you multiple ways to cross.

This area has lots of open space and long lines for fire. There will be an open line of fire, but you may not be able to see too far due to the fog. Use the Thermal Optic to help you see through the fog. This map may be best suited for Sniper Rifles.


Ghost Recon Future Soldier Mill Map Walkthrough02:43

Ghost Recon Future Soldier Mill Map Walkthrough

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