Mike Kim
Mike Kim concept
Biographical information
Nationality American
Born July 30, 1980
Birth place Oregon
Affiliations United States Army (Ghost Recon)
Joint Strike Force
Occupation Soldier
Rank Staff Sergeant (2011)
Colonel (2020)
Class Sniper
Appearances Ghost Recon 2, GRAW}
Physical description

Mike Kim is a fourth generation Asian-American who serves as a Ghost sniper under Scott Mitchell.


Early lifeEdit

Mike Kim was born July 30, 1980, in Oregon as a fourth generation Asian-American. He is soft-spoken, quiet, and intense. He competes in many riflemen competitions often getting first place.

As a GhostEdit

Mike Kim is a Ghost sniper under Captain Scott Mitchell's command, who has fought in the North Korean conflict, Kazakhstan Civil War, and Mexican Civil War. In the Mexican conflict he leads Charlie Team and provides fire support for Captain Mitchell in clearing the road in Mexico City and the shanty town.

By 2020 he is a Colonel in the Joint Strike Force.

Mike Kim

Kim as a Colonel


External linksEdit

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