Media Luna
Media Luna
Main Town Acevedo
Ecosystem Canyon
Map Media Luna
Media Luna is a Bolivian province that is completely under La Unidad's control. It is controlled by the Security buchon, El Comandante.

Media Luna is described as:
A rural province crossed by large canyons.

It is surrounded by Koani and Remanzo from the west, San Mateo from the south, Tabacal in the east and P.N. De Agua Verde from the south-east.

The following missions take place in Media Luna:


Media Luna consists of several canyons located at the foot of the eastern mountains. The vegetation is lush due to heavy rains. The economy is based on coffee growing and cattle breeding.

The small town of Acevedo is the capital of Media Luna. It is also the center of cattle breeding with slaughterhouses and a station to ship animals. The villages of La Loma, Junin, and Cardoza focuses on coffee farming and ranching.

This peaceful province was spared by the Santa Blanca. The absence of the cartel and the presence of a good communication network were reasons for the Unidad commander, General Baro, to install its air base and one of the two main bases of its special forces in the province. The province is now totally under Unidad control.

Since the construction of the air base, helicopters take off every day to fly over the provinces controlled by the Santa Blanca.