Maxim Cherskiy
Biographical information
Nationality RUS Russian
Died Near future
Death place Moscow
Affiliations Ultranationalists
Occupation Soldier
Rank General
Appearances Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wii
"You'll never take me alive!"
— Cherskiy to the Ghosts

Maxim Cherskiy is a Russian General who joined the Ultranationalists. He was responsible for the defense of Moscow. During the allied invasion of Russia, his men defended the city. When Ghost Recon soldiers Hibbard and Booth were captured, he went to visit them, but ran away after they managed to sabotage the holding center. Later, Hibbard and Booth infiltrated his headquarters and hacked the archives to find evidence of his crimes. They chased him off to the roof, and as he tried to board his helicopter, he was shot by Hibbard and Booth and fell off the roof to his death.


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