Sniper Desert


Sniper GRAW

A Ghost Marksman

The Marksmen are the "snipers" in Ghost Recon. They are the master of the long range kill and use their knowledge of stealthy movement and concealment to get into position to pick off targets either for assassination missions or to cover their squad. When positioned at a good vantage point with a long sightrange, their range of engagement becomes practically unlimited.

Depending on the mission, the Ghost Snipers are suited in Gillie Suits to add to their concealment when deployed in woodland areas. When deployed in Urban Operations, they're dressed in the same BDU as their Rifleman and Support counterparts. Enemy Marksmen don't differ in clothing from their Riflemen or Support counterparts.

The Marksmen depicted in the Ghost Recon series of games are not actually true "Snipers" as they operate as part of the Squad instead of independently as a two-man Sniper/Spotter team. However they can use dedicated Sniper Rifles in place of Marksmen Rifles.

The class later becomes the Recon class.

Known marksmenEdit


The standard Ghost kit for snipers:
Ghost Sniper

A Ghost Marksman


2008-2011 (Ghost Recon to Ghost Recon 2)

From 2011 (After Ghost Recon 2)




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