Location Pakistan
Game Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
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"Merchants have abandoned this once-vibrant shopping district as too dangerous. Brick buildings and wide city streets frame clear firefight zones, at least for those unwilling to risk cutting through shops and back alleys."

Market is a medium-sized multiplayer map. It's set around an abandoned outdoor market. The main street provides a few open lines of sight, but there are many obstacles to hide behind in case of snipers. One or two high areas may be best for snipers, but most of the map is best suited for medium range combat. The back alleys and small indoor markets are very tight. If you plan to take the smaller areas, bring close quarter weapons like PDWs, SMGs, and Shotguns.


Ghost Recon Future Soldier Market Map Walkthrough04:05

Ghost Recon Future Soldier Market Map Walkthrough

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